A Glimpse in to The CAD Sphere

 Nitin Bhoolee, Senior CAD Technician, 13 years at Prodesign

Nitin Bhoolee always believes in quality works where values, standards, and work presentation are earmarked on his every project. He addressed the topics of the professional CAD competencies and upholding the technical standards. Let’s discover about Nitin’s insights…

1. When did you discover your passion for CAD? Why did you choose this area of drafting?

(without hesitation…) I am passionate about architecture and my first glimpse of it was when I was in college, the design & technology subject which is the foundation of my career pathway. Afterwards, I undertook my internship in the MEP sector for one and a half years. I have truly dived in to the MEP world. Then I joined Prodesign in the year 2006 to share my acquired skills and obtain more expertise.

2. What design did you have the most difficult time with? What made it difficult?

I do not have difficulty with the MEP designs in fact, that’s what I enjoy a lot. The more complicated and difficult a design is, the more interesting I find it to be. This will enable me to integrate unique and innovative components, adding the feel-good factor to the project. If you are confident in what you do, you will always come up with the personal touch of your know-how.

3. Do you enjoy collaborating with others?

(with confidence…) I must say that I have a really good CAD team including the circle of all engineering colleagues. We are an extraordinary team-spirited personnel where clash does not have its ways in to our MEP consultancy projects. My CAD Manager, Jerry is a good team leader who prioritises on the sharing of ideas. Working in either a MEP team of 10 persons or in a group of 25 persons, the focus on your CAD tasks should always be maintained.

4. What do you enjoy the most about being a Senior CAD Technician?

Well, at Prodesign I have greatly evolved where my motto as well as that of the company policy have always remained unchanged; your first choice engineering partner. I adhere to the quality control policy where I believe that making the difference in your work is clearly visible. And the outcome is outstanding.

5. What motivates you to work hard?

With every assigned project comes a new challenge as they rotate from all sectors. To complete the computer-aided design of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components successfully, is my sole motivating factor in doing a well-appreciated task. But the utmost criteria to hard work is to respect deadline.

6. If I saw your home office right now, what would it look like?

I observe disciplines wherever I carry out my CAD designs. So, you would not find big difference to my working table in the office to that at my home office. The same level of orderly arrangement exists.

7. If you could change anything about your current job, what would it be?

To state frankly, you need to change depending on the situation and be a flexible individual. I am an all-rounder person who can adapt quickly to changes and perform my level best in any situation.

8. Tell me about your education. What was your favorite course?

I have done a course in draftmanship at the JR School where I built on my AutoCAD and 3D Revit competencies. I have also attended several trainings such as leadership skills, and 3D Revit on the MEP services that Prodesign has organised for the MEP Consultants, Building Services Engineers, M&E Engineers, Green Building Consultants, CAD team, and Project Managers. It is at the workplace that I have applied and used both my theoretical and practical knowledge.

9. How do you stay focused on your work throughout the day?

With team collaboration and understanding of what is being needed in the projects, I focus on these guidelines to complete it. Moreover, I am not easily diverted by my surrounding. Concentration is the key action in handing over the deliverables.

10. What area of drafting are you most interested in-mechanical, electrical, plumbing or a combination of all? And why?

To be frank, I was largely exposed to the mechanical and plumbing areas since my internship days where I learned a lot on the dimensions, types and quality of PVC, and the chemical mixtures of polypipes. I was fascinated by these two spheres of MEP, but I perform well on the electrical designs as well.

11. To end this conversation, how do you find the work culture of Prodesign?

You need to be a jack of all trades in any works that you undertake but a master in your field of expertise. You need to fulfil your tasks with passion, and perseverance. Thirteen years since I am at Prodesign and since then the same work culture prevails, it is a culture of team work, a culture of family ties, and a culture of respect where everyone voice is heard, and you are recognised for your works. Your merits are always rewarded. That is the authentic work culture of Prodesign.