Ensuring Fire Safety in Buildings

Designing safe and sustainable buildings has become a priority for the construction industry. In recent years, there has been a global aim to bring improvements to the fire safety of buildings.

Fire engineering and protection requires a holistic, data-driven and performance-oriented approach. The designing of fire systems and establishing fire safety measures for a new building is usually the responsibility of MEP engineers.

Implementation of fire safety measures may be a sizeable investment at the start of a project and as a loss of floor space or additional staircases or exits. These measures are however essential to protect people and property from the dangers of fire and avoid human, material and financial loss.

There are strict legislation governing fire safety around the world and in Mauritius. One of our tasks as MEP Consultants is to help building owners and property developers abide by these legislation. Prodesign’s Fire Protection Systems and Rational Fire Designs are fully compliant with the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service regulations on Fire Safety. We work together with design teams to meet commercial and occupational needs while delivering buildings that are sustainable and cost-effective.

The main requirements pointed out by the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service for building projects include:

• Project Description including all hazardous chemicals, flammable liquids, solvents etc. that will be handled/stored
• Fire Safety Design Concept including all fire safety features and provisions according to the Mauritius Fire Code
• Fire Engine Accessibility in case of fire
• Means of Escape and Escape Routes
• Structural Fire Precautions
• Control and Exhaust of Smoke and Toxic Fumes
• Fire-fighting Systems such as such portable fire extinguishers, hose reels, sprinkler system, gas flooding system, fixed water spray, drenches, etc
• Fire Alarm System such as automatic fire detection systems (smoke or heat), ‘break the glass’ fire alarm system, etc
• Emergency Power Supply, Emergency Evacuation Lighting, Emergency Communication System, Emergency Lift Control
• Highlighting Areas of Fire Risks
• Fire Scenario and Fire Safety Management

It is also crucial for existing buildings to be compliant to fire regulations and to have the right fire safety measures in place. Our team of building services engineers and fire experts can also conduct fire-risk assessments to check the adequacy of escape routes, verify the functioning of fire-alarm systems and protection equipment and ensure that all fire safety measures are compliant to industry rules and standards.

With regards to Fire Certificate and Clearance, all premises must abide by the requirements of the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS). Our fire engineering consultants provide assistance by checking and commissioning installations, produce reports, prepare as made drawings and plans and submit all documentation required by MFRS to deliver certificates and clearance.