No ordinary

Prodesign has been in the forefront of embracing new technology and in the understanding of the advantages of green buildings. Indeed, working with both public and private sector entities, it can now proudly claim to be the local leader in green-building design, the most effective way of protecting the environment and reducing running costs.In fact, Prodesign was the first company in Mauritius to register a project with the USBGC for LEED certification, back in 2008. Since then, the company has been working closely with the USGBC to include aspects of the local situation, for example legislation and regulations, in the considerations the USBGC uses in assessing LEED credit levels and this has increased the possibility of attempting and securing higher-level accreditation. Over the last seven years and with the experience gained in four projects going for LEED certification, Prodesign has developed the skills and expertise required to achieve LEED certification to a degree which is unique in Mauritius.

There’s nothing like external recognition – Prodesign won the Mauritius Business Excellence Awards 2011 in the medium-sized business category and was first again in the Innovation category at the 2013 Afrasia Tecoma Awards.

Prodesign prides itself on being able to deliver what clients are looking for on time and within budget. It is a well-run company, prepared to invest in staff training and in the latest technologic supports. It seeks to lead in its fields of activities and is constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches. It enjoys the challenges that the building industry presents and, above all, seeks to not only provide what clients are looking for but to exceed their expectations. It even takes on the headache of building regulations on clients’ behalf! It has become a bye-word in the industry for integrity and reliability. There is nothing more satisfying to the Prodesign team than customer satisfaction.


Our approach is a holistic one. We believe that systems work best with careful purchasing decisions and planning, as well as attention to detail. It's a strategy we employ in our own offices

We know that if we invest in high quality equipment and design software, our reports and designs greatly reduce the potential for error further down the line. We know the importance of research and, for that reason, we also invest in the very best energy analysis software and modelling tools. We even use our own testing and commissioning equipment to detect risks, even though this isn't our responsibility. We are thorough so that you can achieve maximum efficiency and savings.

An unrivalled team of
specialist engineers

The Prodesign team is made up of highly qualified and experienced engineers and green-building consultants, leaders in their fields.


Our reputation is based on top-level customer service – and it is a reputation we are dedicated to preserving. We're focused on giving clients the most energy-efficient version of what they want. Our aim is “to tackle each project so well that clients will still be impressed with our services years down the line.”

The importance of attitude and listening is emphasised throughout the company. You can get hold of our team members when you need them, not always so easy when dealing with faceless multinationals. Should you need a copy of your building plans or some advice on your purchase years after completion, simply give us a call – we are always happy to help. The cloud storage infrastructure that we use ensures that your data is secure and accessible going into the future.

We aim to exceed your expectations and we have the equipment and staff in place to do just that. Our innovative solutions are designed to help you easily achieve more than you ever thought possible.


A recognised major player in the
building design industry

Our membership of professional industry bodies reflects our commitment to excellence and our own positive reputation can be an asset to your own brand, not least when it comes to securing tenants and buyers for your buildings.Our success and consequently the success of our clients is due to our ability to provide the best possible solution to each question an individual project raises. We have created a new industry standard that celebrates engineering systems that work perfectly both now and in the future.

Why green buildings?


Prodesign is in the forefront of green-building design, in which field it has gained unrivalled expertise. Green building is not a temporary trend; it is the future of the building industry, the relevance and importance of which will only continue to increase. The benefits of green building are many – environmental, economic, and social.


Prodesign has become an increasingly versatile company, originally offering MEP consultancy and then project management services. It is now the leading local specialist in green building design. See how Prodesign can help you go green and increase sales.

What is LEED?

“LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification programme that recognises best-in-class building strategies and practices.” The programme is run by the US Green Building Council and is “the world's premier benchmark for high-performance green buildings.”

For major companies and development projects, considerable prestige comes from obtaining green building certification. High and demanding standards are set by the external awarding bodies and Prodesign has unrivalled experience and expertise in handling the certification processes.