The Journey of Dominique at Prodesign: From Start to Now

Dominique Jadoobar, Document Controller, 12 years at Prodesign

Dominique recalled clearly her first day at Prodesign as if it was yesterday.

“Congratulations Dominique, you have been selected for the post of Secretary,” said the interviewer, 12 years ago to our Document Controller. Let’s delve in to her journey from start to now.

1. Why did you apply for this job at Prodesign?

I was in search of a job at that time when I came across a secretary job advert at Pro-Design Engineering Consultants in the newspaper and I quickly applied for. I was somewhat confident because I possessed the required qualifications for the job but was yet apprehensive because I had no previous experience in administration. But I guess I was lucky.

2. What motivates you to do a good job?

The appreciation of the MEP Engineers and Project Managers for a well-done work is what boost me to do my job better every day. And also, the opportunity to grow in the company who rewards hard work and effort. Not to forget that I also like challenges and opportunities to learn new methods of work.

3. What qualities do you consider the most important in an administrative job?

Qualities like active listening, patience, flexibility, adaptability, perseverance and passion are essential in the job that I do. Handling pressures from Building Services Engineers, Project Managers and juggling among projects, deadlines are like my daily routine and managing all that require the skills and qualities that I have mentioned.

4. What are the computer skills that you possess/ software you are comfortable in using?

Obviously and as you would expect from a Secretary, I am very much at ease with the various MS tools. I had the opportunity to be on the working task when the company deployed Office 365 and SharePoint online in 2013 and then recently, Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management. I am now also very at ease with these new working platform.

5. At Prodesign, we are a team that works together towards the same goal. How do you feel about working in a team environment?

As a team, we always lend each other a helping hand. I communicate well with everyone, help the Building Services Engineers and Project Managers in all their assigned tasks and I complete same within deadline, provide good customer service. There is always a team spirit in our office and whenever it seems to be compromised I bring in my contribution to get all of us working in one direction to meet the project objectives or deadlines.

6. How do you handle stress and pressure?

(Laughing…) I keep my stress and pressure at bay as far as possible while focussing, laughing and talking. But I admit that laughter is my mantra and my way of talking things not too seriously despite they are serious.

7. Tell me about your experience by working with Prodesign’s Managing Director, and Directors.

(Thinking…) I am an extrovert individual and I respect my Managing Director and Directors as they are the innovators in the M&E Engineering industry and my teachers from whom I have learned enormously. I am also polite in any situations. With time we have become a whole big family.

8. Are you able to multitask? Provide me with an example of what you might be juggling on an average day.

I am a multitasker with workloads consisting of formatting documents, follow-up with clients, preparing BOQ, tenders, document control, monitoring juniors, admin staff, and I also maintain customer relationship.

9. How do you find the implementation of the new office structure set up?

I have seen three major re-structuring of the company and they were always for the better alignment with new working methods. I like changes and as long as they improve the way we work and provide us with a better planning of what we have to do. I also very much like the flat structure of the company.

10. A few words to end this conversation.

In everyday life there is always new challenges cropping up and I usually sort out things professionally be it in a financial crisis or in preparing tender documents, at the end, everything will go smoothly. Believe in yourself and always climb the ladder of success.

Describe yourself in one word: Joyful
Favourite colour: Navy-blue
Favourite dish: Pizza/Italian food
Dessert: Rasmallai (Indian sweet dish)
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Hobby: Watching sci-fiction serials
Favourite film: Alien