Green Building Consulting Services

Sustainable design has become a significant part of the building industry in recent years, as companies become ever more aware of the environmental and health impact of unhealthy buildings. Green buildings bear clear advantages, with a substantial reduction in energy costs and an improvement in the health of staff. But there is an even greater advantage to designing buildings that conform to the standards of international schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, Green Star and Energy Star: they sell and rent better and faster! 

An Integrated Green Building design approach

To be done well, green building design requires an integrated approach, as every aspect of a building affects – and is affected by –other aspects. Integrated design differs from conventional design in its use of a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary project team. Traditionally, much of the design work is done separately within each area of expertise – the Architect works out the shape, layout and facades of the building, then a Structural Engineer figures out how to keep it standing, a Mechanical Engineer develops strategies for making it comfortable, and so on. The various designers on a project only meet occasionally to ensure that their solutions don’t clash.

While the management of a normal building project is within the capacity of many project managers, the management of a green building through an integrated project approach requires special skills. This process requires a thorough understanding of the green building design framework, process, engineering and technology – which Prodesign is better positioned than other professionals to manage.

LEED Certification

Developed by the U S Green Building Council, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a framework for identifying, implementing, and measuring green building and neighbourhood design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

We can help in getting your building LEED Certified.

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LEED GAP Analysis:

Prodesign can provide valuable insight into the time commitment, level of effort, possible performance gaps and costs associated with LEED® and BREEAM certification. This helps client in making informed decision about the certification of their development and the efforts required to attain the desired certification level.

ProDesign is one of the largest green building consulting firms in Southeast Asia. Our sustainable building services have won us numerous accolades, and tens of clients which comprise, some of the biggest businesses in the region. Our sustainable development consultants have rich experience in dealing with a variety of constructions including, hospitals, public buildings, residential towers and many more. We believe in developing innovative approaches to positively impact the environment. Our sustainable building services are comprehensive and encompass all aspects, right from the planning phase to the end of the construction. Our sustainable development consultants will work round the clock to ensure that there are no unforeseen delays and tricky obstacles are overcome with aplomb. Get in touch with us now and experience quality sustainable building services for yourself.

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