Prodesign welcomes the Ramseebaluck Twins to the BIM team

Arvish & Neelesh Ramseebaluck recently joined Prodesign immediately after their graduation as Trainee BIM Engineers. They were projected in the working world and discovered that Engineering is challenging, complex and dynamic.

Let’s discover about their insights…

1. When did you discover your passion for Engineering?

Arvish: From my School Certificate days, while studying Physics, we realised that science and engineering is everywhere. Take the construction of a bed, for example, or the workings of a phone or the design of a building. We thought many areas of life depend on engineering concepts and we wanted to be part of that.

Neelesh: Our father also greatly inspired us. Working in the electrical field, he exposed us to this world since our young age. We also studied Physics in college, and we liked it. We decided to deepen our knowledge by choosing to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

2. What is a BIM Engineer? Tell us more on this concept.

Arvish: Well, BIM allows real-time collaboration to improve workflow since the beginning of a project. It also provides the right insights and tools to more efficiently design and manage buildings. Internationally, the building industry is embracing BIM technology and Prodesign is also working towards this shift.

Neelesh: The BIM Engineer should support management’s vision to ensure that BIM activities on projects adhere to contract requirements. BIM engineers work towards merging technical expertise and BIM technology. We are working on the transition to Revit and the implementation of BIM in our work practices and MEP designs.

3. Prodesign works on green building projects. What are your views on sustainability?

Arvish & Neelesh: We believe that sustainability is the future. We chose to work at Prodesign because it offers Green Building Consultancy and Green Master planning services which shows its commitment to sustainable design and green buildings. The ultimate goal is to design zero carbon buildings!

4. You joined the Prodesign family immediately after your graduation. How was the transition from student life to working life?

Arvish: At first, it was a real challenge. A new world was ahead of us. We not only had to apply what we learnt at university but remember all the concepts learnt at college as well. I realised that we will learn a lot while working at Prodesign. The team has been very welcoming.

Neelesh: Our transition was better than expected. We are well coached and supported by the management. We benefit from ongoing training, participate in progress meetings and receive guidance to create a proper workflow. We are integrating new projects and working towards the implementation of BIM.

5. Are you applying what you have learnt during your studies?

Arvish: At University, we mostly learnt theoretical laws but at work, we apply these laws to comply to industry standards. As MEP Consultants, we sometimes need to go back to the first principles to back up our designs.

Neelesh: Nowadays, clients are asking for innovation. We need to adapt to their demand and produce the expected results. Prodesign’s MEP Engineers constantly want to innovate and go the extra mile to create an exceptional design.

6. What is your career goal? Do you plan to stay in the field of engineering consultancy?

Arvish: Yes, and I would like to specialise in Green Building Consultancy.

Neelesh: My goal is to become a multi-disciplinary engineer by working as M&E engineer or MEP consultant.

7. Do you enjoy sharing the same workplace?

Arvish and Neelesh: (laughing…) We enjoy working together. Sometimes, we work on different projects and become a little competitive.

8. You both seem to have the talent to anticipate and finish each other’s words. How did you develop this?

(without hesitation…)

Arvish: This comes naturally.

Neelesh: It has always been like this.

Arvish, define Neelesh in one word: Mirror-image
Neelesh, define Arvish in one word: Hard worker…much more than me (joking…)


Arvish: Badminton, swimming, hiking

Neelesh: Badminton, Table tennis, hiking, AI tech, meditation