Prodesign CAD Manager: The intricacies of the CAD World

Jerry Charmante
CAD Manager
21 years of experience at Prodesign

A multi-talented and innovative man, Jerry, CAD Manager at Prodesign, relates his career path and the intricacies of the computer aided design world. He is known for his hard work, punctuality, and friendly approach. He is also the firm’s fire warden and he maintains discipline and dedication towards the MEP CAD designs. Let’s know more about Jerry…

1. Tell me about yourself.

(pondering….) Well, I like talking, making friends but I am a bit timid. Sports and family ties play elementary roles in my life. At Prodesign, I enjoy helping the M&E Engineers and the Building Services Engineers with their MEP designs. Moreover, I endeavour to practise benevolent activities to help the society.

2. I’m curious, how did you come to find out about Prodesign?

Going 21 years back, I was working with an Architect when I came to know about Prodesign’s Managing Director, Mr Vikramsing Bhujun, and I wanted to join the multidisciplinary MEP firm to display my CAD skills. It was in the year 1998.

3. As a CAD Manager, what is your management style that you successfully implement?

My management style varies daily based on the nature of the task the CAD team must perform, as I delegate tasks to my team, prepare mock ups and designs, check and validate designs, and train my team on the different MEP designs. Attention to detail is my basic benchmark.

4. Prodesign is always evolving and innovating. What is your current task and how has it changed along with the company’s initiatives?

I have a weekly time sheet where my daily tasks are scheduled and updated. I am currently working on detailed drawings of the MEP services on a residential project. Prodesign has revamped all the design procedures as previously I was working on the designs and the details specified separately but now, the core part of my job entails detailed-oriented drawings. We have implemented the SMM7 which provides detailed information, classification tables and rules for measuring building works. It is important that there is a uniform basis for measuring building works in order to facilitate industry wide consistency and benchmarking, to encourage the adoption of best practice and to help avoid disputes.

5. What software do you use to come up with innovative designs?

The M&E Engineers, Building Services Engineers, my CAD team and I use Revit, AutoCAD and BricsCAD software to come up with the most innovative designs ranging from the commercial, data centers, hospitals and laboratories, hotels, industrial, offices to the residential projects.

6. Tell me about your greatest challenge in being a CAD Manager?

(on a serious note…) I recall clearly when the MEP Consultants and I worked on the design of a high-class hospital and we had to completely reworked on the plans again, so we restarted from scratch as Prodesign believes in high quality works and adheres to the clients’ requirements. Indeed, we had managed the work outstandingly.

7. What do you enjoy the most as Prodesign’s CAD Manager?

(without hesitation…) My professional growth and my evolution in the CAD world have been enhanced on a large scale. I appreciate the working environment and the team-spirit of all the MEP Consultants, M&E Engineers, Sustainability Engineers, Project Managers, the Managing Director, the Directors, and the Green Building Consultants.

8. I have heard that you enrol yourself in the activities organised by Prodesign, for instance, you play football on every Monday. Tell me do you find the same level of anticipation on the football pitch to that in the team work at Prodesign.

Prodesign is well-reputed for its core values; honesty, leadership, service, collaboration and team work. Similarly, on the football pitch, all the Sustainability Engineers, Green Building Consultants, Project Managers, Green Building Project Managers, Building Services Engineers, M&E Engineers, and MEP consultants truly collaborate and support each other. It is in this way that we are able to score our goals.

Describe you in one word: Sensitive

Hobby: Music, playing football, playing with my children, singing