The Advantages Of Green Buildings

The green building market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and now comprises an estimated 20% of new building in the US alone. This demonstrates that green buildings are a significant sector of the construction industry. The need for energy saving becomes ever more important, with the increasing effects of climate change – and of course every business can benefit from reducing energy costs.

So what is a green building? It is a building that is designed with sustainability in mind.  Green buildings are created to have as little impact as possible on the environment. Every issue is considered, from the reduction of water and electricity usage to the effect on the people who work in it. Even the building’s impact on the local community may be considered.

A poorly designed building can lead to “sick building syndrome”, where people who live or work in it experience health issues as a result. The building may even need to be closed for remedial works to rectify the problems, meaning that companies need to relocate temporarily and at considerable cost. Green buildings, on the other hand, are designed precisely to avoid these kinds of issues, avoiding a negative impact on the health of workers and associated costs.

While existing buildings may be adapted to fulfil green criteria, it is more cost-effective to design a building from scratch.  Experienced green building consultants work with architects and developers to create a building that will save you money and be more pleasant to work in. Such buildings are greatly in demand by commercial tenants and any extra costs involve quickly pay for themselves.

But it is not just the chance to reduce costs that makes green buildings desirable. Companies will find that the health and well-being of their staff is improved, enabling staff to work more efficiently. Whether a company is building for its own use, or with a view to renting the premises to tenants, the welfare of staff is becoming increasingly pertinent. Companies who take the trouble to provide a comfortable and healthy work environment are rewarded with an increase in morale and a reduction in the number of days lost to illness (which can prove very costly).

Certified green buildings bear higher rents than non-certified buildings, and also an increased occupancy rate. Thus the commercial benefits to green building are clearly shown. The cleaner air quality and improved environment can even reduce the costs of employees’ health insurance. Added to the fact that the initial outlay on these environmental factors will pay for itself in as little as a few years, and the case for green building is clear.

Prodesign’s expertise in green buildings is at your disposal. We will work with you to create a design that will not only suit your needs, but offer substantial savings in energy costs. With 20 years’ experience as green buildings designers in Mauritius, we can help you design a building that works with your local climate. Let us put our knowledge to good use and design the perfect working environment for you.