Renovation of the Plaza

2016-10-12 By Vikram Bhujun

MEP Engineers Prodesign busy with the completion of the Plaza


The renovation of the salle des fetes (reception hall) and administrative building at Plaza is well underway. The contractors are busy installing the M&E Engineering works; meanwhile, the special lighting and chandeliers for the salle des fetes have been ordered. The aim is to fit chandeliers resembling as closely as possible those originally installed there. The hall is now also air conditioned using a very efficient VRV system, coupled with a group controller. Lighting and ventilation will also be intelligently controlled to reduce energy consumption. The client’s decision to convert the ground floor of the admin block into an exhibition area means that local artists will once again have a suitable exhibition venue on a site that has a long and rich cultural history. Prodesign, MEP Engineers, has selected special lighting to accentuate the exhibits but at the same time preserve their quality. In the meantime, we are delighted to be working on a project designed to restore ses lettres de noblesse  to one of the most historically important and beautiful buildings in the country