Nex Tower – the Cybercity’s latest landmark building

2016-11-08 By Vikram Bhujun

Prodesign’s association with the leading property developer Nexteracom continues with the forthcoming mixed-use development in the Cybercity. We have been working for Nexteracom, which is headed by Mr Michel Chan Sui Ko, for the last twenty years and we are proud to be part of the team for this new development in the heart of the Cybercity, next to the commercial centre. The design has been completed and tender packages for MEP works have been issued. Working on Nexteracom developments has always been an exhilarating challenge as the client’s brief is demanding – the design of high quality and efficient engineering systems at the least possible cost.  Prodesign is proud to have been up to the task and, over the last two decades, we have worked successfully on Nexteracom’s seven biggest projects,  including the largest office development in the Cybercity and the company’s beautiful residential and golf course development near Bois Cheri.