Completion of renovation works at the Nairobi Hilton

2016-08-01 By Vikram Bhujun

The project involved inter alia the replacement of the chillers, generators and main electrical distribution system at the Nairobi Hilton. It was a particularly challenging renovation project with major plant and equipment being replaced, and works being scheduled over more than a year. Working in close collaboration with the Chief Engineer, the Manager and the contractors, Prodesign managed to complete the project within budget and with the electrical and generator works completed ahead of time – without the hotel closing for even a single day. Prodesign has also helped the Hilton save money by engineering a system which is easier to operate and maintain, with lower energy consumption. We also re-used many of the existing pumps which had been idle for many years. The Hilton Nairobi project is a showcase for Prodesign’s ability and capacity to successfully complete complex projects in Africa while understanding the needs and capabilities of suppliers and contractors on the ground.