Benchmarking water and electricity consumption in hotels in Mauritius

2016-07-14 POSTED BY Vikram Bhujun

This is the revised version of the study done on water and electricity consumption in hotels. The consumption of water and electricity per square meter has now been provided in addition to the consumption per room night. The original version of this report was published in November 2015 and this is the first update. A […]

Storm water management guidebook

2016-03-08 POSTED BY Vikram Bhujun

The past decade has seen a very rapid urbanisation of the Mauritian landscape. Commercial buildings and houses have cropped up on agricultural lands. This means an increase in imperviousness resulting in increased surface runoff and hence the flooding of downstream man-made and natural infrastructure. Moreover aquifer recharge has decreased due to lower permeability of the land surface… In this […]

Green roofs in Mauritius

2016-03-01 POSTED BY Vikram Bhujun

This guidebook presents information on green roofs, specifically extensive green roofs, as applied in Mauritius. The focus is on the benefits that can be reaped and modifications needed to the current way our buildings are built, for the installation of green roofs. The main goal of this research work is to make a preliminary assessment of what can be expected from green roofs […]